Ski touring and snowshoeing

Apartment house Jurgovo is an ideal starting point for ski touring and snowshoeing in winter, especially in the months of November, December and March and April, when in a protected area where our facilities are located peace and quiet. Touring skiers and snowshoe hikers can take advantage of the snow-covered forest roads and slopes, where they ski back directly to the starting point to the Apartment House.

Lookout tower

When you are on Rogla, make sure to walk to the lookout tower. You will be rewarded with a beautiful panorama that stretches all the way to Austria.

Lovrenška lakes

Lovrenška lakes are actually a shore consisting of 20 larger and smaller lakes. Lovrenška lakes are lakes and bog windows on the Pohorje peat bog. The lakes lie on an area of about 16 ha between Planinka (1392 m above sea level) and Mulejev vrh (1533 m above sea level) in the headwaters of the streams Radoljna, Mislinja and Velka. The lakes are hollows with an area of a few square meters and a depth of up to 1.2 m. After abandoning the pasture, they are overgrown with dwarf pine, which passes on both sides of the swamp on a steeper and draining slope into a spruce forest. The pond is from 11 to 22, depending on the extent and durability of standing water. The highest lake lies at an altitude of 1529 m above sea level, and the lowest at an altitude of 1517 m above sea level. A wooden lookout tower has been erected next to the highest lake. Lovrenška lakes are a natural and tourist attraction of Pohorje. An undemanding footpath is arranged and marked from the hotel on Rogla. The circular route from Rogla to the lakes takes about 3 hours.


For lovers of bouldering, the Apartment House Rogla in Jurgovo and the Pohorje House Lukanja are the right address and starting point for an active holiday.

All the way from Cezlak, where the quarry of Pohorje Tonalit is and to Jurgovo, where the Apartment House Rogla is located by the Svitan waterfall, there are excellent boulders of various levels of difficulty, which were originally described in the guide for climbers by the cars of the GRTA studio book.

Interesting on the way from Cezlak to Jurgovo, just under two kilometers from Pohorje houses Lukanja, there is also an abandoned green mine Čezlakit, the background of which adorns the speaker’s desk and the wall of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

PB from GRTA Studio | Rok Klančnik on Vimeo.