Apartment house Jurgovo

Apartmajska hiša Jurgovo pozimi
Apartmajska hiša Jurgovo pozimi
Apartmajska hiša Jurgovo pozimi
Apartmajska hiša Jurgovo pozimi
Apartmajska hiša Jurgovo pozimi
Apartmajska hiša Jurgovo pozimi
Apartmajska hiša Jurgovo pozimi
Apartmajska hiša Jurgovo pozimi
Apartmajska hiša Jurgovo pozimi
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Rogla – Ski out/Ski in

Discover a haven for privacy and nature lovers, exclusively available in selected seasons. Situated right next to the ski slopes and the lower station of the Jurgovo chairlift on Rogla, Rogla Dandi Jurgovo is a popular haven for skiers and snowboarders. If you’re visiting in summer, enjoy the pleasant climate, which is up to 10 degrees cooler than the scorching temperatures in the valley, making for an active and refreshing experience.

Traditional comfort and convenience: indulge in the luxury of private use of the sauna, available for an extra charge, which offers a tranquil experience and complements your stay with the energising Svitan waterfall in the immediate vicinity of the house. In addition, take advantage of the free ski storage room for easy storage of your ski equipment and the parking right outside the house next to the ski slope, making your arrival and departure smooth and convenient.

Exploring on your doorstep: take enchanting mountain walks and cycle trails through enchanting forests that start right on your doorstep. Just a few kilometres away, discover the stunning beauty of the Black Lake, and a short 13-kilometre trail leads you to the enchanting Šumik Waterfall, located in the unspoilt Pohorje Forest. The surrounding area is adorned with countless streams, and just 10 kilometres from the house you can go on an adventure on the walking trail leading to the Vulcan Lakes of Lovren.

Sustainability: the Rogla Dandi Jurgovo House is committed to sustainability, using geothermal heating, solar power and its own mineral water source to ensure a responsible and environmentally friendly approach to hospitality.

Rich experiences: just a few kilometres away, the top of Roga is an exciting entertainment hub, boasting bike parks, sports halls and a unique trail winding through the lush tree canopy. For those with a penchant for exciting winter sports, Rogla is indispensable. Another family mountain resort, Trije Kralji – Jakec, is located 10 kilometres away. Both centres offer an exciting range of family-friendly ski slopes, while Rogla is also well-known as a snowboarding destination and has groomed cross-country skiing trails. With FIS-approved ski and snowboard programmes, Rogla is also a haven for training top athletes and an experienced organiser of snowboarding World Cups.

For multi-day rentals of at least 6 apartments, we offer large families a private rental of the house, including use of the common areas and sauna. The price for renting the whole house per day starts from EUR 350.
Supplements subject to price list.

Satisfy your thirst for authenticity with our exclusive mineral spring. Enjoy the pure taste of mineral-rich water straight from the spring, which offers not only refreshment, but a healing elixir amidst the enchanting beauty of Pohorje.

Located in a Nature 2000 protected area, the house offers contact with unspoilt nature for those looking for an escape from everyday life and a peaceful location. Let the tranquillity of the surroundings embrace you as you discover the breathtaking sights nearby.

The popular Rogla Mountain Centre invites you with exciting outdoor activities and winter sports. Explore the wonders of the Black Lake and the magnificent Šumik Waterfall, which are within easy walking distance, and the Svitan Waterfall near the Jurgovo House.

The authentic Pohorje House 1, declared a climbing haven, is popular among European bouldering climbers. The unique rock formations and challenging trails make Pohorje an ideal playground for those who want an adrenaline adventure.

In the Dandi Jurgovo Rogla Apartment House, discover a haven of comfort, tranquillity and endless possibilities for outdoor exploration. Whether you are a nature lover, a keen cyclist, hiker or climber, our house is the perfect starting point for your adventures in Pohorje.

Worried about being excluded from the Natura 2000 network? Don’t be afraid! While the house is located in a Natura 2000 protected area and is a signal-free oasis, we offer free WhatsApp satellite communication to all our valued guests. Plus, enjoy free satellite internet on demand!

Indulge in an exclusive barbecue experience at the entrance to the house – a traditionally designed space offering the refined pleasures of barbecue, a modest elegance for unforgettable evenings, al fresco dining under the stars, accessible to all distinguished guests, with a friendly safety warning.

Unlock a world of culinary delights with the Rogla Apartments Dandi app – connect with local suppliers, personalise your order and enjoy the best food and wine at your fingertips!

Security: the building and its surroundings are safe and free of dangerous animals, and the surrounding areas and car parks are protected by security cameras.

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    Recommended hiking and cycling routes:
    Locations for skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing:
    • Rogla Mountain Resort
    • Three Kings Mountain Lodge
      Address: Lukanja 5, Oplotnica
      Length: 15.372072
      Latitude: 46.455585
      Contact: 00386-(0)51655016
      Parking: private parking – free
      Check-in time from 13:00 to 15:00, check-out from 08:00 to 10:00.
    Things to do in the area

    This part of Slovenia is famous for its thermal springs and historical sights, and offers various wonderful spas within a 50-kilometre radius. Explore the following unique opportunities:

    • Terme Zreče – Zdravilišče Zreče (14 km)
    • Terme Dobrna – Zdravilišče Dobrna (32 km)
    • Zdravilišče Rogaška Slatina – Zdravilišče Rogaška Slatina with the famous mineral water Donat MG (42 km)
    • Terme Ptuj – Terme Ptuj (47 km)
    • Slovenska Bistrica (21 km)
    • City of Celje – Celje with its Old Castle and museums (39 km)
    • City of Ptuj (47 km)
    • City of Maribor (47 km)

    Explore the rich cultural heritage and the thermal baths of the spas that the region has to offer. From historic sites to tranquil spas, Slovenia’s diverse attractions promise a rich and unforgettable experience for all visitors.