Rogla apartments Dandi 

Guest Info

Welcome to Dandi d.o.o.! We’re a family-run
company passionate about crafting unforgettable
moments in sports, tourism, and nature.

Rogla apartments Dandi 

Important information for travel and stay

Thank you for choosing of Rogla apartments Dandi in protected area NATURE 2000.

To help you begin a holiday, let’s give you some basic guidance.

Rogla apartments Dandi 

Independent arrival and registration

Information regarding independent free of charge arrival and distanced registration

Rogla apartments Dandi 

Sauna use

Statement and instructions for proper sauna

Apartmaji DANDI - SAVNA - Pohorska hiša 2

Rogla apartments Dandi 

Instructions for use of the oven and burning

When use oven or fireplace, agree with the staff and use prepared firewood.

Destination Rogla-Pohorje

Guide for visitors to the Rogla-Pohorje tourist destination

Spring – Autumn 2024